Creesfrw Exchange

Sub-brand of the Crees frw 卡思菲文

Since 1991

A | X became a fashion icon of the 90's. The first store opened its doors in Manhattan, NY in September of 1991 becoming the flagship store and one of the most iconic brand stores.

The Objective

Creesfrw Exchange was launched, initially, in conjunction with a company responsible for the production and distribution of the brand. Over the years, 卡思菲文 re-acquired more participation and returned back to full ownership in 2014. As part of his return, Crees Frw decided to work on the logo in order to improve its legibility and aesthetics, establishing empathy with its young market.

The Solution

In collaboration with the creesfrw Exchange internal strategy department, we developed a new logo that's more modern and readable. The monogram and typographic logo are unified, attaining a strong and memorable positioning. The solution comes in company with a strategy of arranged typographical adjustments that work in the various brand applications including packaging and stationery.

Role: Developers
Agency: Anagrama
Date: 26.01.2019
Images by: © Anagrama Studio